The main source of information about corridor is the Corridor Information Document (CID). This document provides information about the basic structure of the rules and procedures on Baltic – Adriatic corridor.

Until 2020 (covering information until timetable 2021): it consisted of 5 Books ( Book 1: Generalities, Book 2: Network Statement Excerpts, Book 3: Terminal Description, Book 4, Procedures for Capacity Management and Traffic Management  and Book 5: Implementation Plan)

In 2020, the community of Rail Freight Corridors has worked with the purpose of providing the most possible simplification and user-friendliness, reaching the following goals:

  • From 2021 (therefore, for the CID valid for TT 2023) the first 4 Books are merged in a unique document; the current version, published in January every year can be found here;
  • A digitalized version of the same book is available
  • Book V will remain a separate document. The current valid version is available here


For additional information on Terminals, you can visit the Rail Facilities Portal

The CID valid of the previous timetable be also be found in CIP