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On 27th of January at 22:10h a system failure has occured on station signaling&control system, which brought to the declaration of an ICM Case, with Železnice Slovenskej Republiky as initiating IM and RFC Baltic Adriatic as coordinating RFC. A first  web/tele-conference (02nd February) , involving Incident Managers and Communication Managers of ... Read More
4 Febbraio 2022sup3ramm


Due to heavy weather condition that interested the area of the city of Munich, relevant problems were caused at the important station of Munich North, which brought to the declaration of an ICM Case, with DBNetz as initiating IM and RFC ScanMed as coordinating RFC. RFC Baltic-Adriatic was involved as potentially interested ... Read More
28 Giugno 2021sup3ramm


Following the closure of part of the Brenner-Bolzano line along due to adverse weather conditions, RFI declared an International Contingency Management (ICM) case along the Scandinavian-Mediterranean RFC on 6 December 2020 RFI as Leading IM, supported by the ScanMed RFC immediately activated the procedure provided for in the ICM Handbook. Two web/tele-conferences ... Read More
8 Dicembre 2020sup3ramm