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We are glad to announce that the Spring edition of the RAG/TAG meeting is taking place on May 23rd at Hotel Sopron, in Sopron (HU), 9.30-16.30hrs. The meeting will be a joint meeting with the Amber RFC RAG/TAG. For organizational reasons, we kindly ask you to please confirm your attendance by email ... Read More
24 Gennaio 2024sup3ramm


We are glad to announce that the Autumn edition of the RAG/TAG meeting is taking place on October 5th at the Italian Minstry of Infrastructures and Transports, 9.30-16.30hrs. The meeting will be a joint meeting with the Amber RFC RAG/TAG and with the working Group of Ports and Rail-Road Terminals of ... Read More
10 Agosto 2023sup3ramm


We are glad to announce that the Spring edition of the RAG/TAG meeting is taking place on May 23rd at the Port of Gdansk (Poland). The event will be organized  as follows: Morning: dialogue sessions with the Advisory Groups (presentations and interactive session) Afternoon: Port site visit: Batic Hub / other ... Read More
17 Marzo 2023sup3ramm


The Rail Freight Corridors, in close cooperation with RNE, are pleased to inform you that PCS Trainings will take place in February 2023. The annual training focuses on the corridor specific functions in PCS, and provides you with valuable, practical insights needed for requesting Capacity on the Rail Freight Corridors for ... Read More
12 Gennaio 2023sup3ramm


We are glad to announce that the this year RAG-TAG meeting will take place, on October 7th in Prague (CZ). Many partners of the Corridor are receiving an invitation e-mail and a registration form. But we are open for all those who are interested in the discussion: please fill in the registration ... Read More
2 Agosto 2022sup3ramm


Baltic-Adriatic Railway Freight Corridor Strategy Paper now available on-line! The Baltic-Adriatic Rail Freight Corridor is proud to announce that its Strategy Paper, version 2021 is now available on-line for downloading. The document is the outcome of the cooperation between the Executive Board and the Management Board/General Assembly of the Corridor, with the ... Read More
6 Dicembre 2021sup3ramm


Another year almost over, another Railway Undertakings and Terminal Advisory Groups successfully convened at Baltic-Adriatic Railway Freight Corridor! As in 2020, we could not meet in person, but again we found a way to make the most of this occasion. This year’s goal was to reflect all together on the way the ... Read More
26 Novembre 2021sup3ramm


We are glad to announce that the this year’s RAG-TAG meeting will take place, on-line, on November 10th , from 10:00 to 16:00   The fil-rouge of the day will be “Railsilience: from fiercely facing the crisis to seizing new opportunities”   We are working to offer you a more open, interactive and strategic ... Read More
1 Ottobre 2021sup3ramm


As announced, the annual RAG-TAG meeting of the Baltic-Adriatic Rail Freight Corridor took place on 26 November 2020, as an on line event. It was structured in three sessions: Two morning workshops: A RAG workshop, whose topic was: “Integrated approach to Train Performance Management” A TAG workshop, whose topic was: ... Read More
23 Ottobre 2020Simona Di Loreto


With Latvia and Estonia, two new countries officially joined the Rail Freight Corridor North Sea-Baltic on the 12th October 2020, almost five years after the establishment of the Corridor. The connection to Riga and Tallinn became part of the European rail freight corridor network, strengthening the existing freight transportation routes. For ... Read More
19 Ottobre 2020Simona Di Loreto