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Baltic Adriatic-RFC is glad to inform its customers and partners that the Pre-Arranged Paths offer for Timetable 2023 of Baltic Adriatic-RFC has been published in PCS. Customer can consult the catalogue by entering PCS . For more information, please do not hesitate to address us at our contacts.  
10 Gennaio 2022sup3ramm


The annual RFCs User Satisfaction Survey started in August 2021. The results were available, for the individual RFCs, in the end of November last year. The survey was entirely carried out "in-house" by the whole Network of the 11 Rail Freight Corridors. We would like to thank all participants for taking some ... Read More
3 Gennaio 2022sup3ramm


Baltic Adriatic-RFC is glad to inform its customers and partners that the Corridor Information Document (CID) for Timetable 2023 was published today and for Timetable 2022 was updated today. No more five books, but one unique document, downloadable in pdf from the Customer Information Platform, easy to navigate thanks to the ... Read More
22 Dicembre 2021sup3ramm


Baltic-Adriatic Railway Freight Corridor Strategy Paper now available on-line! The Baltic-Adriatic Rail Freight Corridor is proud to announce that its Strategy Paper, version 2021 is now available on-line for downloading. The document is the outcome of the cooperation between the Executive Board and the Management Board/General Assembly of the Corridor, with the ... Read More
6 Dicembre 2021sup3ramm


Another year almost over, another Railway Undertakings and Terminal Advisory Groups successfully convened at Baltic-Adriatic Railway Freight Corridor! As in 2020, we could not meet in person, but again we found a way to make the most of this occasion. This year’s goal was to reflect all together on the way the ... Read More
26 Novembre 2021sup3ramm


Baltic-Adriatic RFC is glad to announce on October 11th its Reserve Capacity for 2022 was successufully published in PCS! Customers interested in the Reserve Capacity offer can also download the excel version from this link Please do not forget that the deadline to submit the request is 30 days ... Read More
18 Ottobre 2021sup3ramm


We are glad to announce that the this year’s RAG-TAG meeting will take place, on-line, on November 10th , from 10:00 to 16:00   The fil-rouge of the day will be “Railsilience: from fiercely facing the crisis to seizing new opportunities”   We are working to offer you a more open, interactive and strategic ... Read More
1 Ottobre 2021sup3ramm
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Following the successful first two on line sessions of  RFCs/RNE Network workshop on "Cross-Border issues" and "International Contingency Management", the last appointment for this year is coming up! It is really approproate to say "last but not least" as this session's topic is one of the most important key issue the ... Read More
19 Settembre 2021sup3ramm


The Baltic-Adriatic RFC is happy to announce that its Brochures are on online for any one to download! We wanted to give an handy overview of who we are and what we do, together to some facts and figures, to our partners, customers and any interested stakeholders, so we created a ... Read More
10 Settembre 2021sup3ramm


After the great success of the first RFCs Network session on "Cross-Border issues", we are glad to announce that the 2nd RFCs Network Session 2021 session coming up. Again, another key and up-to-date topic: International Contingency Management. The workshop will deal not only with a "theoretical", yet extremely important, aspect: the revision ... Read More
8 Settembre 2021sup3ramm