Border Crossing:

IMs along RFC Baltic Adriatic have agreed upon communication procedures, in order to facilitate the smoother running of cross-border traffic
The description can be found here (see document in website, to be moved in CIP and then link)

International Contingency Management

RFC Baltic-Adriatic’s IMs have signed, together with the other RNE members, the so-called «International Contingency Management» (link). The purpose of the Handbook is:

  • To provide the RUs with pre-defined re-routing options, aimed at supporting them in planning their resources in view of possible traffic disturbances
  • To define a communication procedure, where the RFC plays a role of facilitating platform and which is aimed at managing the international traffic disturbances in a more efficient way

Baltic-Adriatic has implemented the Handbook by publishing the rerouting options (link) and by carrying out ICM simulations. Interactive display of rerouting options will soon be available in CIP